Ariana Grande celebrated her 28th birthday on Saturday, and the singer gave her Instagram followers a very special gift: rare footage of her and her new husband Dalton Gomez together, sharing a kiss. Grande has kept their year-plus relationship almost entirely offline.

In the video that Grande posted to her Instagram Story, Grande wrote, “a bday baby. deeply thankful for so much love.”

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dalton gomez and ariana grande kissing


She kept Gomez off her grid though, just sharing a baby photo of herself to mark the day. “hbd tiny, i am taking care of you !” she wrote.

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Grande and Gomez secretly wed on May 15, 2021. The two began dating in the beginning of 2020. They were first spotted together around Valentine’s Day, although Gomez wasn’t identified by outlets until March 2020. Gomez is a Los Angeles real estate agent who went private on his social media as soon as reports of him dating Grande came out.

Entertainment Tonight reported earlier this month that after the couple wed, Grande and Gomez became more comfortable sharing their love publicly. “Ariana and Dalton felt like before they were married they couldn’t be as open about their relationship without it being scrutinized in the media and now they feel way more at ease,” the outlet’s source said. “They have plans to travel more together and feel closer than ever.”

The source added that Grande and Gomez particularly like “making unified decisions,” now that they’re married. “Ariana is Dalton’s first priority in everything that they do and he really values her and shows it,” the source said. “Ariana loves that Dalton is super chill and how understanding he is of her.”

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